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Game Review : Saints Row The Third

Well, the name of this game is a little hard to grasp especially when you try to introduce it orally to your friends who have never heard of it and most of the time they would respond by saying, "Sane Bros?" , "Same Pro?" , "Game Bo?" , etcetera. Who would have thought of the combination of Saints and Row?
Game Review : Saints Row The Third

Kitchen, My Place To Play.

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   Most children would love to go to the playground. Why? The reason is simple, they want to play and have fun. Everyone needs a special place. A place to play. A place to have fun. A place to be happy. It can be anywhere. Some people say that their place to play is their school. Some say it is an Internet website, a blog perhaps. Some say it is the toilet. Let me tell you where is my place to play.

   The kitchen! I loved playing in the kitchen since I was a kid, I loved the lovely smell coming from my mother's cooking. The sight of beautiful steams rising up to the atmosphere from the pot is crystal clear in my mind. Even as I grew up, the kitchen was still my favorite place. I would often invite my brother and sister to play around with the kitchen sink, spraying and splashing water, wetting each other. Besides that, we would play with fire too. Occasionally, there were some mice which roamed in the kitchen. However, they were our friends, we fed them and they would not bother our lives like most pests. Unfortunately, it did not last forever.

   It was three o'clock. The night sky was dark and as silent as the graveyard. Everyone was still asleep, hugging their soft pillows while having sweet dreams. All of a sudden, I bounced up from my bed. It happened in split seconds. I felt something wet in my pants. It was embarrassing, I realized I had just peed in my pants. Without a second thought, I rushed to the bathroom to clean up my pants. I opened up the tap and started washing the stain under running water. After doing so, I closed the tap and started walking back to my bedroom.

  Wait, there was still the sound of tap water gushing in madness. I went back to the bathroom to check. The tap was still closed, so where did the sound come from? I listened carefully. Slowly, I walked towards the kitchen. It was dark as the lights were not on. Before I ran my fingers across the switch, the lights switched on themselves and started flickering. Water was pouring out from the kitchen sink and it was red fluid. Blood. My heart was pounding as though it was breaking through the rib cage.

  Quickly, I left the scene. I ran to my parents' bedroom. Their dead bodies were lying down in a pool of blood. It was a horrible sight. I ran, again. I sought my sister in her bedroom. She was also a victim of an unknown cause. She was sitting down on the floor, in front of a cupboard. There was a knife planted in the middle of her head. I ran away. I looked for my brother. He was the only person missing in action.

  "Bro, where are you?" I called my brother and spoke in a panting voice. I was gasping for air.
  "Yes? Who is this? I am having fun in my friend's house, please call again later!" my brother was speaking in a rather drunken voice, he did not have an idea of what was happening at home.

  I tried calling the police after my brother hung up the phone. However, the line was not available. There was no connection and I could not contact the police. I stepped out from my sister's bedroom and I tried to escape from my own home sweet home. As I was walking towards the door, I passed by the kitchen. The lights were still flickering. When it flashed, a chill penetrated my bloodstream and my blood froze in fear. I saw something.

  There was a hand, emerging from the kitchen sink. As it fully emerged, it was a woman. A ghostly woman indeed, with her long black, creepy hair covering her face completely. I turned back and ran towards the door which was behind me. I screamed and she screamed. We both screamed. The witch was insanely swift. She ran towards me and grabbed me with her right hand before I managed to open the door which was just a centimeter away. I was caught. She bit my left hand with her razor sharp teeth and her teeth sank into my flesh. The pain was killing my soul. I closed my eyes tightly as though I could reduce the pain by doing so.

  All of a sudden, the door behind me opened and it knocked my back.

  "Surprise! Happy birthday!" my brother yelled.

  I looked in his eyes. He was not drunk. I smiled. The lights turned on and my family members approached me. They were playing a prank on me! My sister was still having a knife in the middle of her head, it was a fake knife, used during Halloween. My parents were dressed up in their red-stained pyjamas. It was my brother who played around with the telephone wires and the lighting system while he was outside the house. That explained everything! It was nothing but a joke. We were laughing and everything was back to normal. But, there was still a missing piece in the puzzle.

  "Did you bite yourself until you bleed because you were too scared?" my brother teased me.

  I frowned in embarrassment.

  "I forgot to ask. So, who was the witch?" I was still puzzled.

  "What witch?"




1000 views in 1 week !!!

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OH YEA ! Everyone , 1000 views in seven days .The blog was first created on the 22nd of October . Proof :  here  . Pretty satisfying for me . Thank you to all the visitors of this blog for your support . Stay tuned for more .

Hamstery !!!

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Good news everyone . Hamstery , the hamster has joined alliance with our blog , becoming one of the gadgets . It was once added as a post here . To find 'Hamstery' , just look on the right hand side of the blog and there it is >>>

The real one is just below ...

Enjoy ...

I Am Not A Perfect Person

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   Some years ago, being fifteen years old and born in a poor family, I had to work and study at the same time for the sake of my family's survival. My father was not in this world since I was three. Many people said I lacked parental love but I had no idea what was it. On the other hand, my mother was working as a janitor in the school I studied in. Besides me, she was the only person who provided an income for the family, even though the amount was minimal. She was the person who often gave me advices and how to be a better person. I had five siblings who were all younger than me.

   My school life was better than this. I was in the best class, my exam grades were excellent, my co-curricular activities excelled too and the best part was, I did not have many friends. Many people called me an introvert, despite of what they said, I would rather be alone and not be in a crowd. However, I did have a good friend and he was my only friend. His name was Tom.

  Tom was the only person who liked to talk to me. He was my childhood friend since I was in kindergarten. He was also the only person who could challenge my top position in class and perhaps that was why everyone considered him a geek, a person who only loved to study and did not socialize much. Indeed , what they thought was true because he would carry a big book with him everyday and he would not talk much.

  Now to the other part of my life which was unknown to everybody. My part-time job was unique as compared to other people. I was not a cashier, a promoter, a janitor, nor was I a food seller. My job was to steal. I liked the job a lot because it was adventurous and the sum of money which I got was much bigger than many people's job. Everyday, I would sneak out of my house and enter my victim's house at about three o'clock in the morning. As silent as I could, I would take away all their valuable items and I kept them as my own.
  There was a day when I was chased by people because I had accidentally awaken them from their slumber after stealing a diamond ring. I ran around the alleys and made a confusing trip back to my house and immediately pretended to sleep. The next morning, I went to school being extremely fatigued. Tom asked me what happened the night before, but I did not answer.

  Tom found out that I had a diamond ring in my bag. As matter of fact, it was his mother's ring and he knew I was the thief who intruded his house the night before. He shouted at me and advised me to stop my actions before things got worse. I pushed him off and replied him with some vulgarities, just to shut him off from my life. Perhaps there was some ego deep within me which made me thought perfection was always in me. I was complacent.

  One night, I was too careless and I was trapped by the people. They were waiting for me patiently. Then,  I was caught red-handed and they sent me to the police. I regretted my actions but it was too late. My mother was crying at that moment, looking at how I was handcuffed by the police. Tom was right. I was a fool for not listening to his words. He was my friend, what he wanted was to help me! And yet, I shut him off with such rude words. Tears were rolling down my cheeks as I stepped into the police car. I lost a friend. More importantly, I am not perfect after all.

A Picture Is Worth A Thousand Words.

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 The title says it all. There is a Chinese proverb which sounds "a picture is worth a thousand words." Take a look at the amazing pictures below. They are certainly more than meet the eyes.

Be careful of little bugs.
Real life Arbok.
Cubone, I choose you!
Pikachu exists, seriously.
This is the reason why I hate cats!
Beware of the mines!
How to escape?
Just as a reminder for the guys.
Terminator gets beaten up for pretending to be Arnold.

If you have noticed, we did not remove the tag of the original website in which these pictures were obtained from. The pictures are courtesy of http://www.worth1000.com/ and we do not take credit for any of those pictures.

Please do visit their website for more amazing pictures! Have fun and enjoy!


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Kitchen, My Place To Play

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A Picture Is Worth A Thousand Words

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The Underrated Animal - Chipmunk

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Laughter - The Best Medicine

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