Wassup everyone ~ It has been quite long since our previous post . Due to some reasonable reasons , such occurance was inevitable . So , let's get on with some more fun at the one and only p2p-place2play.blogspot.com . Chinese New Year 2011 will fall on the 3rd February ...



Game Review : Saints Row The Third

Well, the name of this game is a little hard to grasp especially when you try to introduce it orally to your friends who have never heard of it and most of the time they would respond by saying, "Sane Bros?" , "Same Pro?" , "Game Bo?" , etcetera. Who would have thought of the combination of Saints and Row?
Game Review : Saints Row The Third

Another weird discovery !!!

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Big news everyone !!! I found this image but i can't exactly figure out what's not right with this picture . Can you tell me what's wrong ?

TIPS : Observe the fruit as how i once observed here .

Countdown to year 2011 !!!

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Come and join us on the once in a lifetime countdown to the year 2011 !!!
Be sure to leave us a new year greeting , thank you in advance .
Last but not least , HAPPY NEW YEAR !!!

Post of random Artwork

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Which is better ? Or neither one looks good to you ? Give your comments right now ~

Brought to you by www.p2p-place2play.blogspot.com

Another Identity Revealed!

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Hello, you must be wondering who are the other moderators, right? Well, here we are with our greatest moderator who actually thought of the name of this blog!

Yes, you got it right, he is the one who gave this blog its name of Place 2 Play aka p2p.
(Even the logo of p2p was made by him!)

He is brilliant and super handsome too.

Remember him. He is the ONE.

                                    STAY TUNED FOR MORE !!!

So, remember to add this super hot guy and ask for his phone number too. (PM us for it!)


Beware of your APPLE !!!

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What a great discovery i've got today :

There's a dude in the apple ?! I think i know who he is for his identity was once revealed here . Moral of this story , be careful of what you might find hiding in your apple !

Tomorrow's New Year Eve !!!

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As you can see and as you know , tomorrow's New Year Eve !!! Say goodbye to 2010 and welcome the year 2011 YEAH~

Embrace yourself for a new and fresh year by visiting this blog (trying to promote) !!!
Thank you very much and enjoy your last moments of the year 2010 . Remember to anticipate 1111 that is the first of January 2011 , a truly remarkable date .

BTW , tomorrow is a declared public holiday for Malaysians due to the victory of the national soccer team in the AFF Suzuki Cup WOOHO ~

Identity Revealed!

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It has been a few days since p2p has last updated. The reason? I don't know either.
So, now is the chance for you to actually punish one of our moderators at p2p.

This guy here is definitely responsible for part of it.

Nah, just joking.

This is the real one you're most probably searching for.

Name: Bang Xiang

D.O.B: 17/7/1993
Talent: Talking crap.

 Here is a step-by-step guide to cause havoc for him. Enjoy.

Step 1:
Search for him on Facebook.

Step 2:
Spam his wall.

Step 3:
Cause terror. Alright?

p.s: Find him via  012-3456789.

Merry Christmas!

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Merry Christmas everybody! We wish you a Merry Christmas and a happy new year!

Remember to sing along and wear a Santa Claus' hat to get the feeling! Merry Christmas! Ho...ho...ho..!

Today's Christmas Eve !!!

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You know what ? Today's Christmas Eve !!! YEA~ But the real Christmas is tomorrow . Anyway check out my newly created artwork :


Tomorrow's Christmas Eve !!!

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MERRY CHRISTMAS !!! Oh wait , it's not here yet . But , tomorrow's Christmas Eve YEA~

So , i would like to dedicate a song following this festive mood ;



Happy "Tong Yuen" Day !!!

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Oh yea , today's the "Tong Yuen" Day everyone . Had your's yet ? If not , better grab yourself a bowl of delicious "Tong Yuen" in conjunction with this festival . Who might know you'll bump into a cute smiling "Tong Yuen" like the one below ...

*photo courtesy of http://www.vvens.com/


Nice Korean Dramas

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Sorry for updating a little bit late, anyways here we are again with a post suggested by our loyal viewer!

Korean dramas are for everyone. It doesn't mean that you need to know Korean language to actually watch it as you can actually read the subtitles! Well, the following are the Korean dramas we recommend at p2p.

Couple or Trouble
This drama is just pure hilarious and it has a wonderful plot too. It is about a rich girl who has lost her memory and thus, lived as a poor girl instead. (This is my favourite!)

Lovers in Paris
This one is a little bit old, but you know what they say? Old is gold! This is the first Korean drama I watched a few years back and it has a great storyline and not just about love but a little bit of betrayal and mystery!

He's Beautiful
This drama is great and is showing daily on 8TV every weekday from 8.30pm to 9.30pm! Don't miss it!

Dream High
 Another great Korean drama about six students at Girin Art High School work to achieve their dreams of becoming stars.

This is a medical investigation drama about forensic doctors solving murder cases. Mysteries! My precious!

Note that we did not post the whole synopsis about the dramas as we do not want to spoil your fun! You have to watch and experience the suspense yourself! ENJOY!

More Than Meets The Eye - ROBOT

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                                                                   She's gorgeous, right?

    Today's technology is getting more and more advanced as time passes. So, robots are becoming more of a reality than just a mere fantasy. They do not get tired and free of fatigue and that is the reason why robots are being used in factories and many other fields. 

    As a matter of fact, as you can see from the picture above, the female figure is not a "she", but rather an "it". It is an android manufactured by the Japanese scientists and certainly, one day we may not be able to differentiate a real person from a robot. Take a look at the person beside you, he or she may be a robot in disguise!

                               This is probably how she looks like on the inside, not so gorgeous.

   There is one horrifying characteristic in robots, that is they do not have emotions. If you have watched some popular movies such as i-Robot or Terminator, you will know how terrifying robots can be. Robots move according to how they are programmed and can never have feelings toward any living beings.

  Thus, if they were programmed by evil scientists for their wicked intentions, robots can never be stopped by giving inspiring speeches or persuading them to stop their actions. They are lifeless and deadly.

                                                            This is what we are feared of.

   Robots can be both beneficial and deadly to humans, they are after all created by humans, just like how we created guns to defend justice and to attack innocent citizens. A double-edged sword indeed.

                                                                    This is so wrong..


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Rainwater was showering the damp soil of the jungle during that dark night. A man and a woman were running and the woman was carrying a newborn child in her arms. They were drenched in water and gasped for air as they moved. Eventually, they stopped and settled the baby in a wooden hut. Then, they left the place as the baby cried throughout the night. The next morning, the Ulukhai natives were surprised when they found a nameless child in the hut, lying in a basket. They were kind enough to raise the child as one of their own.

That baby, was me. Some people said that the most beautiful thing in life was to live with our parents as a happy and delightful family. Some said, our parents are our angels. Well, my parents left me in the jungle when I was still a baby so, I could not really give any comments about it. If I had a chance, I would like to meet them and talk to them. I would like to ask, "Why leave me in the jungle?"

Such thoughts were always capable of sending streams of tears down my cheeks. I missed them.

Living in a jungle with the Ulukhai natives was rather difficult and tough at first. However, life was becoming easier as I grew up and managed to adapt to it. They taught me how to climb trees and pluck fruits. I was already hunting deers in the jungle with a long hollow stick which shot a poisonous dart when I blew into it. It was a traditional method which the natives used for centuries in order to hunt animals down. I was sent to a school when I was seven years old in a nearby rural area. The environment was rather peculiar for me as I had to sit on a chair with a book of alphabets in front of me. I was never good in my studies and my teachers used to call me "addle" which carried the meaning of a rotten egg. That was due to the fact that I loved to fool around and I caused countless problems in the school. I thought, studying was certainly not something I would ever be good at.

When I was seventeen years old, the Ulukhai natives held a ceremony for me to celebrate my birthday, it was like a birthday party. It was the same day and month when my parents left me in the jungle since the natives did not know when was I actually born. It was delightful that the natives were like my family although we were not biological relatives. There was a campfire and everyone was dancing around and laughter were heard frequently. The chief of tribe, Molukkhan stepped into the scene. Everything became as silent as the graveyard.

The chief summoned me into his hut. Everyone was anxious and did not know what was going on. The chief stared at me with his vulture eyes, there were many feathers on his headdress which symbolized his status as the chief of tribe.

"Do you want to meet your parents?" he spoke with a deep husky voice.

I nodded my head slowly. I was flabbergasted, in fact. With his warm beefy hands, he handed me an envelope.

"This is a letter we found beside you when you were a baby. There is a high possibility that it was written by your parents and I am only allowed to give you this letter when you are seventeen as instructed by the writer." Molukkhan continued his talk.

As slow as a tortoise, I opened the envelope and took out the letter inside.

"Dear son, you are most probably seventeen years old when you are reading this letter. We are sorry for leaving you alone. If you want to meet us, please do us three favours." I read the content of the letter in a low voice.

The first thing they wanted me to do was to score flying colours in my major exam which was going to be held a few months later. I was puzzled by their request. What would my exam have to do with meeting my parents? Was it some kind of a joke? Thousands of questions struck my mind but the thought of reuniting with my long lost parents would stop me from thinking too much. I had to obey them. All I wanted was to see them again, even if it was just once.

Staying in front of a book for hours was devastating for me. Whenever I felt like sleeping, the thought of meeting my parents immediately gave me a burst of energy to stay awake and I continued studying. I was catching up with my other friends in school thanks to my perseverance. Months later, I stepped into the examination hall, loaded with confidence. The exam was pretty tough but, I managed to score straight A's. I was extremely happy and smiled the whole day when I got my results. I had to move on to the next favour.

The second favour was another stunning request. I was asked to complete one hundred community services. Without hesitation, I quickly found out about the various social activities organized by social clubs. I took part in a campaign which was meant to help the disabled people. I taught the blind children to read in Brailles. I helped the blind people to cross the congested road. I volunteered to give a hand to the unfortunate victims of natural disasters. I was even giving speeches to spread awareness of caring for the environment. Of course, I was not paid a single cent but I was indeed satisfied. It took me years to fulfill the number of community services my parents wanted and I was ready for the third task. It felt like Amazing Race, Explorace or a treasure hunt. One task after the other.

I was required to retrieve something from a deposit box. I was given the bank account and the pin code. What could it be? Again, I was asking myself numerous questions with no answers. The bank officer guided me into a room and opened the safe box. There was a journal. Nothing else. Carefully, I took out the journal and my heart was pounding as I opened it and flipped through the pages. There were articles about loan sharks. There were also newspaper cuttings relating to victims of loan sharks who had to abandon their home because of the unpaid debt. It was evident that the loan sharks were cruel and inhumane.

Eventually, I reached the final page of the journal and tears rolled down my cheeks as I read it. I cried.

"If you are reading this memo, you must have completed two of our favours. As your parents, we are unable to be by your side as we are having too much debt with the loan sharks. We are poor and not capable of giving you laughter and the life of a normal child. We had to leave you in the jungle as we are most probably not in the world anymore by the time you read this letter. We have only one last favour from you, be a good and useful person."

Finally, the puzzle was solved with the last remaining piece. That explained why I was required to score straight A's in my exam and complete one hundred community services. All they wanted was to turn me into a useful person. That is in fact, the wish of every parent indeed. They may scold or cane us at times but deep in their heart, love is always there. They are always willing to sacrifice themselves to protect us from harm. So, if your parents are still living, give them a hug or a kiss as they are the angels in our life.

Winners of Astro Battleground 2010 !!!

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Champion : Soul Krazy
1st runner-up : Dynamix
2nd runner-up : Floor Fever
3rd runner-up : Max Identity

CONGRATULATIONS to all winners !!! Great show and performance from all crews , hope to see more action new year in 2011 . Once again , great job Astro Battleground YEAH~

Astro Battleground FINAL !!!

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The one and only Astro Battleground is coming to its final showdown . All four finalists will battle it all out at this Saturday , 18th December 2010 to grab the champion title . The four finalists are :

*Max Identity
*Floor Fever
*Soul Crazy

Wish that we could insert their pictures but due to copyright issues , we decide to stay safe and not break the rules . NOTE : We do blog by the regulations .
However do not be disappointed for more info on Astro Battleground can be found at http://www.facebook.com/astrobattleground

Remember to tune in Astro channel 311 at 8.00pm today to watch the final live . Get ready for some adrenaline pumping YEA~

Hocus-Pocus! Voila!

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It is certainly amazing to see something which goes beyond our senses, when we watch a sci-fi movie for instance, we feel amazed by the special effects and unbelievable things which seem so real. But, that is what happens in movies. 

What if, you see a person doing things such as cooking a cup of noodles with his bare hands only, turning a fake crocodile into a living crocodile or floating across a building without visible tools? We call that as magic. 

Is magic real? Does magic really exist?  Watch and see for yourself!

                                 Here is Cyril Takayama, a great magician performing his trick.

                                                               This guy is just awesome.

                                        This is Criss Angel doing a disgusting but amazing trick.

So, what do you think? Does magic exists? 
Well, magic exists only when we believe in it. It does not matter whether magic truly exists or not, just enjoy the show!

Recruiting Followers !!!

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Calling all bloggers , we are in need of followers . As you can see from below , all we have are 2 followers (thank you melvister.com and teng ) and so we sincerely hope that YOU can be one of our followers . A simple click means a lot to us . Thank you very much ...

If you think that p2p-place2play.blogspot.com will gain positive effects from the increase in number of followers , then you are right . As a form of gratitude to your good deed , we would like to offer ourselves as followers on your blog . Just include your link/blog as a comment on this post and we will fulfil our words .
May we cooperate successfully .

What can you see from this ?

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As what the title tells , what can you possibly see from the image above ? Come share your thoughts with us by  posting a comment and see if we think alike !

Are You Ready ?

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Be prepared for a brand new look for p2p-place2play.blogspot.com !
Commencing launch right now !

Good Bye

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It has been more than a week since p2p has first started and we have successfully accumulated more than 1000 views with an average of 100 to 200 views per day. It is all thanks to all of you loyal viewers and supporters who stood by our side all the time and gave us comments and ideas for us to improve. We truly appreciate your support! ^^

However, we are undergoing renovation for more than a month. So, we will NOT UPDATE during that period. Please do not lose faith in us as we are expected to return during mid December. By the time we are back, we will have a brand new look and a big surprise for you!



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FT Island is awesome Korean band and definitely deserves more attention than they do now. They are very talented and their songs are nice too. So, remember to support them!   

성령을 올려!

Happy Halloween !!!

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Happy Halloween everyone ! Today's 31st of October 2010 so , go out and have some fun .
Trick OR Treat ?

Here's a game to spice up a little on the Halloween feel .  Be sure to give it a try !

    P.S:Play at your own risk

The Rock

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The People's Champ during the older days.

The Rock aka Scorpion King is definitely entertaining although he has left wrestling for a long time and focused his career as an actor instead. If anyone wants to learn how to talk with confidence, talk like
The Rock.

It Doesn't Matter!

The Rock rules.

The Rock is definitely greater than today's wrestlers in WWE. After all, he is a living legend.
So, remember to support his upcoming movie "Fast Five"!

Kitchen, My Place To Play.

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   Most children would love to go to the playground. Why? The reason is simple, they want to play and have fun. Everyone needs a special place. A place to play. A place to have fun. A place to be happy. It can be anywhere. Some people say that their place to play is their school. Some say it is an Internet website, a blog perhaps. Some say it is the toilet. Let me tell you where is my place to play.

   The kitchen! I loved playing in the kitchen since I was a kid, I loved the lovely smell coming from my mother's cooking. The sight of beautiful steams rising up to the atmosphere from the pot is crystal clear in my mind. Even as I grew up, the kitchen was still my favorite place. I would often invite my brother and sister to play around with the kitchen sink, spraying and splashing water, wetting each other. Besides that, we would play with fire too. Occasionally, there were some mice which roamed in the kitchen. However, they were our friends, we fed them and they would not bother our lives like most pests. Unfortunately, it did not last forever.

   It was three o'clock. The night sky was dark and as silent as the graveyard. Everyone was still asleep, hugging their soft pillows while having sweet dreams. All of a sudden, I bounced up from my bed. It happened in split seconds. I felt something wet in my pants. It was embarrassing, I realized I had just peed in my pants. Without a second thought, I rushed to the bathroom to clean up my pants. I opened up the tap and started washing the stain under running water. After doing so, I closed the tap and started walking back to my bedroom.

  Wait, there was still the sound of tap water gushing in madness. I went back to the bathroom to check. The tap was still closed, so where did the sound come from? I listened carefully. Slowly, I walked towards the kitchen. It was dark as the lights were not on. Before I ran my fingers across the switch, the lights switched on themselves and started flickering. Water was pouring out from the kitchen sink and it was red fluid. Blood. My heart was pounding as though it was breaking through the rib cage.

  Quickly, I left the scene. I ran to my parents' bedroom. Their dead bodies were lying down in a pool of blood. It was a horrible sight. I ran, again. I sought my sister in her bedroom. She was also a victim of an unknown cause. She was sitting down on the floor, in front of a cupboard. There was a knife planted in the middle of her head. I ran away. I looked for my brother. He was the only person missing in action.

  "Bro, where are you?" I called my brother and spoke in a panting voice. I was gasping for air.
  "Yes? Who is this? I am having fun in my friend's house, please call again later!" my brother was speaking in a rather drunken voice, he did not have an idea of what was happening at home.

  I tried calling the police after my brother hung up the phone. However, the line was not available. There was no connection and I could not contact the police. I stepped out from my sister's bedroom and I tried to escape from my own home sweet home. As I was walking towards the door, I passed by the kitchen. The lights were still flickering. When it flashed, a chill penetrated my bloodstream and my blood froze in fear. I saw something.

  There was a hand, emerging from the kitchen sink. As it fully emerged, it was a woman. A ghostly woman indeed, with her long black, creepy hair covering her face completely. I turned back and ran towards the door which was behind me. I screamed and she screamed. We both screamed. The witch was insanely swift. She ran towards me and grabbed me with her right hand before I managed to open the door which was just a centimeter away. I was caught. She bit my left hand with her razor sharp teeth and her teeth sank into my flesh. The pain was killing my soul. I closed my eyes tightly as though I could reduce the pain by doing so.

  All of a sudden, the door behind me opened and it knocked my back.

  "Surprise! Happy birthday!" my brother yelled.

  I looked in his eyes. He was not drunk. I smiled. The lights turned on and my family members approached me. They were playing a prank on me! My sister was still having a knife in the middle of her head, it was a fake knife, used during Halloween. My parents were dressed up in their red-stained pyjamas. It was my brother who played around with the telephone wires and the lighting system while he was outside the house. That explained everything! It was nothing but a joke. We were laughing and everything was back to normal. But, there was still a missing piece in the puzzle.

  "Did you bite yourself until you bleed because you were too scared?" my brother teased me.

  I frowned in embarrassment.

  "I forgot to ask. So, who was the witch?" I was still puzzled.

  "What witch?"




1000 views in 1 week !!!

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OH YEA ! Everyone , 1000 views in seven days .The blog was first created on the 22nd of October . Proof :  here  . Pretty satisfying for me . Thank you to all the visitors of this blog for your support . Stay tuned for more .

Hamstery !!!

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Good news everyone . Hamstery , the hamster has joined alliance with our blog , becoming one of the gadgets . It was once added as a post here . To find 'Hamstery' , just look on the right hand side of the blog and there it is >>>

The real one is just below ...

Enjoy ...

I Am Not A Perfect Person

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   Some years ago, being fifteen years old and born in a poor family, I had to work and study at the same time for the sake of my family's survival. My father was not in this world since I was three. Many people said I lacked parental love but I had no idea what was it. On the other hand, my mother was working as a janitor in the school I studied in. Besides me, she was the only person who provided an income for the family, even though the amount was minimal. She was the person who often gave me advices and how to be a better person. I had five siblings who were all younger than me.

   My school life was better than this. I was in the best class, my exam grades were excellent, my co-curricular activities excelled too and the best part was, I did not have many friends. Many people called me an introvert, despite of what they said, I would rather be alone and not be in a crowd. However, I did have a good friend and he was my only friend. His name was Tom.

  Tom was the only person who liked to talk to me. He was my childhood friend since I was in kindergarten. He was also the only person who could challenge my top position in class and perhaps that was why everyone considered him a geek, a person who only loved to study and did not socialize much. Indeed , what they thought was true because he would carry a big book with him everyday and he would not talk much.

  Now to the other part of my life which was unknown to everybody. My part-time job was unique as compared to other people. I was not a cashier, a promoter, a janitor, nor was I a food seller. My job was to steal. I liked the job a lot because it was adventurous and the sum of money which I got was much bigger than many people's job. Everyday, I would sneak out of my house and enter my victim's house at about three o'clock in the morning. As silent as I could, I would take away all their valuable items and I kept them as my own.
  There was a day when I was chased by people because I had accidentally awaken them from their slumber after stealing a diamond ring. I ran around the alleys and made a confusing trip back to my house and immediately pretended to sleep. The next morning, I went to school being extremely fatigued. Tom asked me what happened the night before, but I did not answer.

  Tom found out that I had a diamond ring in my bag. As matter of fact, it was his mother's ring and he knew I was the thief who intruded his house the night before. He shouted at me and advised me to stop my actions before things got worse. I pushed him off and replied him with some vulgarities, just to shut him off from my life. Perhaps there was some ego deep within me which made me thought perfection was always in me. I was complacent.

  One night, I was too careless and I was trapped by the people. They were waiting for me patiently. Then,  I was caught red-handed and they sent me to the police. I regretted my actions but it was too late. My mother was crying at that moment, looking at how I was handcuffed by the police. Tom was right. I was a fool for not listening to his words. He was my friend, what he wanted was to help me! And yet, I shut him off with such rude words. Tears were rolling down my cheeks as I stepped into the police car. I lost a friend. More importantly, I am not perfect after all.


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Kitchen, My Place To Play

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A Picture Is Worth A Thousand Words

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The Underrated Animal - Chipmunk

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Laughter - The Best Medicine

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