More Than Meets The Eye - ROBOT

Posted by p2p Monday, December 20, 2010

                                                                   She's gorgeous, right?

    Today's technology is getting more and more advanced as time passes. So, robots are becoming more of a reality than just a mere fantasy. They do not get tired and free of fatigue and that is the reason why robots are being used in factories and many other fields. 

    As a matter of fact, as you can see from the picture above, the female figure is not a "she", but rather an "it". It is an android manufactured by the Japanese scientists and certainly, one day we may not be able to differentiate a real person from a robot. Take a look at the person beside you, he or she may be a robot in disguise!

                               This is probably how she looks like on the inside, not so gorgeous.

   There is one horrifying characteristic in robots, that is they do not have emotions. If you have watched some popular movies such as i-Robot or Terminator, you will know how terrifying robots can be. Robots move according to how they are programmed and can never have feelings toward any living beings.

  Thus, if they were programmed by evil scientists for their wicked intentions, robots can never be stopped by giving inspiring speeches or persuading them to stop their actions. They are lifeless and deadly.

                                                            This is what we are feared of.

   Robots can be both beneficial and deadly to humans, they are after all created by humans, just like how we created guns to defend justice and to attack innocent citizens. A double-edged sword indeed.

                                                                    This is so wrong..


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