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    Everyone has their own private world. A world so lonely that there is only one person living in it. Then, intruders from another dimension start to penetrate the protective layer of this solitude. This kind of world is what we call as secrets. A world of secrets. Let me tell you a story about a person named Mazlan who was eaten up by his own dark secrets.

    Mazlan was seven years old when he first developed his untold stories. Being a fragile boy, there were many children of his age who bullied him frequently. There was a day when he entered the toilet in his school and faced an unfortunate event.

   "What are you doing here? Get out of here!" an elephant-sized bully shouted at Mazlan.

    The poor kid did not want to pick a fight. Slowly, he crept out but was pulled back by the bully. Mazlan was pushed with a strong force and fell onto the wet floor of the toilet. It was unclean. A few moments later, an ally of the bully entered the scene and made things worse for Mazlan. He was forced to lick their shoes and was thrashed by them. Fear was in Mazlan's heart but, there was nothing he could do. The bullies left the place after they had taken Mazlan's pocket money. They fled.

   Mazlan returned to his class. However, the teacher assumed that he was skipping lessons as he was not in the class for a long period. Mazlan was caned and brought to the headmistress. Without hesitation, the headmistress blacklisted his name. Strangely though, Mazlan did not say a word about what had actually happened. He kept the tears in his heart. He kept everything and locked them up in his world of secrets.

   The family which Mazlan lived with was indeed a lovely family. Mazlan's father was a coffin maker and crafted coffins for the dead people as a source of income. It was an unusual job and did not bring much profit. It was just enough for the family's survival. Soon, as Mazlan grew up, he inherited the job. He was skillful and dexterous in his craftsmanship. Mazlan loved his parents very much especially his mother. His mother was an ordinary housewife who was dedicated to take care of Mazlan and his sisters. She was also allergic to milk and had a hunch on her back.

   No one in the family knew that Mazlan was an angel during daylight but a devil during midnight. When the moon was high in the sky, Mazlan would take off to a pub and gamble with his circle of friends. He would drink alcohol and smoke heavily. Vulgar was spitted from his mouth frequently. He was a night stalker. Of course, Mazlan had to keep them as secrets from his family members. He had to hide the pack of cigarettes under his bed and the decks of cards in his wardrobe. He had a diary kept secretly in a coffin at his family's coffin shop.

   It was eleven o'clock in the morning. Mazlan had just finished breakfast with his mother while his father was sending his sisters to school. Not long later, Mazlan's mother developed rashes on her back and it was spreading all over the body. Mazlan was terrified as his beloved mother was gasping for air and she fell to the floor. She was screaming eerily and her eyes bulged outwards, glaring at Mazlan. Her hands were holding her throat as though something was choking her. Mazlan immediately picked up the phone and called for an ambulance as drops of perspiration rolled down from his forehead.

   "Is she alright? What happened to her?" Mazlan's father spoke in a rather agitated tone while driving to the hospital after sending Mazlan's sisters to school.

  "She is no longer in this world." Mazlan put down the phone in disbelief and cried.

  The doctors claimed that the cause of death was due to the sudden rashes which developed on his mother's body. The actual cause was unknown. No one knew except Mazlan. Mazlan was the one who prepared cheese spaghetti as breakfast for his mother. Mazlan was the one who killed his own mother who had milk allergy. However, Mazlan remained silent about it. Again, he kept everything in his heart. He was a good secret keeper indeed.

  After his mother passed away, he became very persistent in crafting a coffin. He spent restless months crafting it. His father became worried for him as there was a sudden change in him. One night, Mazlan had successfully finished his masterpiece. He sighed. The eye bags were heavy and his eyes were bloodshot. He combed his black hair with his fingers and it bounced like sea waves. He took out a special knife used for coffin crafting from his pocket. The coffin was made for himself.

 "Mother, I am coming to your place." Mazlan said to himself and cut his left wrist with the knife.

  In the nick of time, Mazlan's father rushed to him. Mazlan was losing a lot of fluid. His face became as pale as a vampire. Without hesitation, Mazlan's father drove him to the nearest hospital at full speed. Tears were rolling down his cheeks as he drove. He knew Mazlan was going to commit suicide after discovering Mazlan's diary in one of the coffins. He knew every secret Mazlan had. From the secret of being bullied in school till the secret of accidentally killing his own mother. Everything was finally revealed.

  "Is he going to be fine?" Mazlan's father spoke in a jittery voice.
  "Well, he should recover from the injury within three months. However, there is something which I must tell you about Mazlan." the young doctor explained to Mazlan's father calmly.
  "What is it?" Mazlan's father was prepared for the unexpected.
  "He has developed schizophrenia, a mental disorder. Occasionally, he will see or hear unusual things. Other than that, he will still be able to carry out daily activities." the doctor continued.

  Mazlan was a victim of his own secrets. His dark secrets were devastating and grew by eating his mental stability.

  However, there is still one more secret.  I am Mazlan.

This story is completely fictional. It is our first posted essay. If you want your essay to be posted, go ahead and e-mail us! 




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