the GazettE

Posted by p2p Tuesday, January 25, 2011

the GazettE

If you have noticed, p2p has been featuring videos of a band named "the GazettE" for quite some time. They are a Japanese rock band and it is not a matter of grammar or mistyping, they just want the name of their band to be stylized that way, the GazettE. In fact, some of them remind me of Final Fantasy! So, basically, I'm a fan of theirs and this post is dedicated to them.

Ruki (Vocalist)
Ruki is the voice of the band. As a matter of fact, the lyrics of the songs are written by him and only him. He also provides the band with solid confidence. He can still look awesome although he is only 162cm!

Uruha (Guitarist)

This guy here, is one of my favourite members of the GazettE. His skills with the guitar is extremely good and together with his mesmerizing looks, he's just awesome.

Reita (Bassist)
Reita is most well-known for his trademark, the nose band. Yes, he wears the nose band most of the time (well, he's always like that on camera, I wonder does he wear it at home or during a bath?).

Kai (Drummer)

Before this, there was another drummer named Yune who was then replaced by Kai. Kai is actually the leader of the GazettE. He once said that he wanted to support the band from the back. As he is the drummer, he can have a clear view of the band from the back.

Aoi (Guitarist)
Aoi is also a guitarist in the Gazette. In fact, he has been playing a double-neck guitar several times!

Screenshot from MV "Guren"

Deadly Combo! Uruha & Aoi!

Of course, the GazettE is great not just for their looks, they produce great music as well! They compose the songs themselves and they do not hire composers to do that for them. That is why, their music is genuine!


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