Plant Writes Blogs

Posted by p2p Friday, January 7, 2011

Natural beauty.

Let me get this straight, the title is not a metaphor or any fancy-looking sentence. It is a true sentence. Definitely, it does not carry any hidden message, seriously. Plants do write blogs. Confused? Read on.

Let's take a look from a scientific point of view, alright?

Plants are organisms, just like humans and any other animals. The difference is that, plants do not carry out vigorous activities like us. However, remember, plants do in fact send bio-electric signals throughout their body. Think of it, how are plants able to produce hormones and enzymes that they need?

By pure physical means? No. They send signals to the cells to produce hormones and enzymes, just like how we send nerve impulses to the cells in our bodies. Remember, plants are indeed living things, they are not lifeless!

As a matter of fact, Japanese scientists have been researching on how to communicate with plants. (Of course, they do not talk to plants but they do try to understand their bio-electric signals.)

Midori-san and its blog.

The bio-electric signals sent within the plant were interpreted by a sensor and converted into data and then, translated into Japanese words. They named the plant, Midori-san which meant "sweetheart plants" because of their heart-shaped leaves.


NOTE: This is not fiction. Read here, and here too.


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